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Vacuum Cleaner – Complete Buying Guide!

Do you need a new vacuum cleaner to keep your home and carpets in good condition? Are you trying hard to buy the cleaning device that exactly matches your needs and budget? Questions are little tricky ones but here we are presenting a complete vacuum cleaner buying guide after testing hundreds of models. The vacuum cleaner is extremely vital cleaning equipment that consumes less effort and delivers awesome cleaning outcomes. With this particular cleaning device, it becomes a lot easy to keep your carpets and other furniture stuff in good condition and that too for a pretty long time.

Shopping By Type with this vacuum cleaner buying guide

Selection of vacuum cleaner should only be done on the basis of cleaning job you execute. With this vacuum cleaner buying guide you will make the best choice. The application of upright cleaner along with a bag is best suited when you have plenty of rugs in your home or wall-to-wall carpets. On the other hand, homeowners need to consider the option of canisters if there are many stairs or a special type of floors like hardwood and tile. The best part of dealing with canister vacuum cleaner is, it is easy to manoeuvre. Similarly, if you need the cleaning device for lighter tasks, hand-held vacuums will definitely act a great option.  Another great type of vacuum is central but it demands professional installation and it will only add to the cost.

With plenty of options available in the market, you need to pay attention to what you require and go through following vacuum cleaner types carefully:

  1. Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Guys, who don’t have the required money to spend on canister, must consider the option of Uprights. This particular cleaning gadget is best known for offering wider cleaning swath and deep cleaning of carpets. Users don’t find any problem whatsoever in storing the device and mostly people love to buy bagged models. The major drawback of buying the machine is excess weight. Some of the top models weigh around 20 pounds but there are few lighter models available in the market. With upright vacuum cleaners, you will face the noise issue so if you need silent vacuums better is to opt for canisters.Upright - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Upright Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Canister Vacuum Cleaners – Canister vacuum cleaner will act as an ideal option for the individuals who are trying to clean the bare floors, upholstery and stairs. Canister is the most preferred cleaning device that can even clean the carpets. When you buy the equipment you have fewer worries related to noise and the presence of separate power head will surely make the equipment easy to carry and light in weight. The sole aspect of concern while dealing with canister vacuum cleaner is the bulkier size. It is mainly due to hose and wand; consumers will find it pretty hard to squeeze the cleaner in a small space.Canister - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Canister Vacuum Cleaners
  3. Stick Vacuum Cleaners – This type of vacuum cleaner is not extremely popular due to high noise and small dirt bin. Stick Vacuum cleaners are surely not treated as an alternative to conventional vacuum but widely used when it comes to eradicating the mess in quick time. When you get the vacuum, you are not required to bend over in order to clean the floor. Stick cleaners do look pretty similar to uprights mainly due to handles and tall bodies. Even here you will find powerhead and there are many models being battery powered. Individuals who prefer to use lightweight and easy to use vacuum can surely opt for stick vacuum cleaners. As a user, you must not expect the device delivering deep cleaning outcomes on carpets but you will not face any problem whatsoever in picking the litter.Stick - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Stick Vacuum Cleaners
  4. Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners – If you have pets in your home and trying hard to get rid of pet hair, hand-held vacuum cleaner is the ideal cleaning device for you. Being very light in weight, you can easily execute surface cleaning in quick time. The vacuum cleaner is extremely effective is cleaning bare floors and small size carpets. More often than not, people use the vacuum in cleaning their car interior as there are many models that are cordless. Talking about drawback, you can’t use the miniature cleaning as an alternate to conventional cleaners. There is not much power to support deep cleaning of carpets but if you need quick surface cleaning, hand held vacuum cleaners will always act as an ideal option.Hand-Held - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners
  5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners – Individuals who are not interested in investing time and effort on cleaning, need to opt for robotic vacuum cleaners. Users can expect the mid way outcomes (regular and manual vacuuming). For sure, these vacuums are touch expensive and the top-models can easy find a way to clean tight spots. Even the presence of extension cords will not hinder the cleaning job and better models of robotic vacuum cleaner will find a way to deal with extension cords. Even after investing huge on these cleaners, you must not expect deep cleaning outcomes like conventional vacuums. They are not suitable for cleaning rugs and shag carpets but you can carry out routine cleaning with ease.Robotic - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
  6. Central Vacuum Cleaners – When you compare central vacuum with canister, they are pretty easy to use indeed. As a user, you are not pulling along any vacuum body and you are just required to carry hose and powerhead. Central vacuums even don’t create any noise issues and there is no need to empty the dirt chambers again and again. The major drawback of opting of central vacuum is the high price tag. Even after paying huge price, you need professional assistance in order to gain right installation. Dealing with 30-foot hoses is bit tough and there is a need for plenty of storage space to keep the device in good condition. Storing cleaning tools which you use is bit tough with Central vacuum as there is no in-unit place.Central - vacuum cleaner buying guideTop Central Vacuum Cleaners

What to Consider While Shopping?

Modern vacuums have certainly plenty to offer in terms of design, features, colors and plenty more stuff. There is all to gain and nothing to lose when you think of investing your hard earned money on modern vacuum cleaners but still there are many delicate aspects that should be considered properly. When it comes to selection of an appropriate vacuum cleaner, there are many options and it could lead to serious confusion. In order to make the right call, you are required to check out features carefully and consider your own cleaning needs at top of list. There is no point in investing buying an expensive vacuum if it can’t offer you desired cleaning outcomes. Just go through following points carefully and erase all your concerns regarding vacuum cleaners.

  1. Check features – Checking out features is the most crucial aspect. If you desire to clean your carpets, you need vacuum with motorised brush rather than opting for the model with just suction power. The presence of switch to deactivate the brush is an awesome feature that allows you avoid scattering debris and even helps in protecting the original look of bare floors. Another important feature of the device is suction control that allows you to clean delicate fabrics along with draperies.
  2. Bagged or Bagless – Bag has no impact on cleaning output of the vacuum. Both these designs are pretty effective and selection will entirely depend on your convince demand. Bagless designs are mostly preferred by the individuals who desire to have more convenience while handling the vacuum cleaner. With bagless vacuum cleaners you are just required to detach the container and dispose the dirt particles. There is no need to pull the bag thus resulting in plenty of convenience. Just apart from ease to use, you are not required to spend any money on buying the bag. However, users who want better sealing of dust particles need to opt for the bagged vacuum cleaner. With bag, you are able to eradicate the worries associated with dust allergies as there is no escaping for dust and allergens.
  3. Try it Out – Guys who are interested in buying the vacuum online must check out the model first in a nearby store. You should feel comfortable with the cleaning device and go through all the controls and features carefully. Online purchase can easily save you plenty of money due to availability of discount offers but no compromise should be done on quality.
  4. Keep an Ear Out for Noise – Excessive noise has always been a cause of concern when you are dealing with vacuum cleaners. However, here I am not asking you to wear any hear protection but still buying a noisy vacuum is highly irritating.
  5. Watch For Sales – Availability of sales will certainly help in saving plenty of money and for this, you must prefer to buy the vacuum cleaner during holidays. Yes, there are many mass-market brands that keep on launching discount offers and promotional codes in order to boost the sale. On a lucky day, you can easily find a discount offer of more than 30%.

Vacuum cleaner features

In order to improve the performance of your selected vacuum, you can easily opt for many vacuum cleaner features. Don’t get confused and follow some of the useful features mentioned below:

  1. Add-On cleaning tools – Add-on cleaning tools are the basic tools that you will find with most of the vacuums. These tools are more than sufficient to carry out numerous cleaning jobs. We can certainly take the fine example of upholstery brush, a round brush used for dusting and a narrow tool mostly applied for crevices. While dealing with canister vacuums, a powered intake is applied in order to deeply clean the carpets.
  2. Bare-floor options – These options include features as well as equipment that allow you to clean uncarpeted floors, hardwood, and vinyl with ease. A switch is present to control the working of the vacuum brush and there are some special options to carry out perfect bare-floor cleaning.
  3. Brush Agitator – Brush agitator or roller brush is present underneath the vacuum. The roller brush makes it possible to span the width of the machine base and helps in getting rid of dust and dirt particles from the carpet. There are many models present in the market that allow you to switch off the roller brush in order to carry out the deep cleaning of bare floors. In such models, a rotating brush is used to move around the dirt and debris before getting sucked up.
  4. Carpet Pile-Height Adjustment and Suction Control – This is an important feature that will make it possible to adjust the height of brush roll according to the height of the carpet pile. This correct adjustment will allow the user to through clean the carpets along with easy movement. There are some models that offer the option of automatic adjustment. If you desire precise outcome, you need to opt for manual control. In general, a switch is present to control the suction that reduces the air flow through hose thus helping a great deal in cleaning upholstery and carpets.
  5. Filter – Filter is a vital part of vacuum Cleaner. The latest versions of filter even have the potential to eradicate finest of dust particles. If you are sticking with standard filters, you need to opt for Micron ones. They can easily achieve better filtration but still not as good as HEPA filtration. HEPA filters are best suited for individuals who have asthma problem and they will reduce the emissions to a certain extent. There are some models that don’t contain HEPA filter but still nice cleaning outcomes.

Vacuum cleaners are an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Where we need a perfect cleaning gadget available all the time. Many companies are offering a range of models. You are required to be selective in your approach in order to make the right call. In the end, you need to check out reviews to make sure the selected device meet your cleaning expectations.

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